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For those that don't know(I'm sure you do), the sound on standard TV(before digital, etc.) was broadcast using FM instead of AM(AM being the common way of radio station broadcasting at the time).

Do you know why TV was invented using FM for audio?.....:)

Have you heard of Philo Farnsworth(don't you dig that vs David Sarnoff(the RCA owner)?

It's a classic tale of the little guy vs the big guy....

PF was the inventor of TV....held all the patents of the transmission and reception of TV video....but not the sound. And this was in the 1920's....he even knew "color" TV...way back then.

RCA held every conceivable patent/patents for AM radio transmission and reception.

So, PF did an "end-run" and used FM for the transmission and reception of TV audio.

And so it became the standard.....17 years later.

That is where the story is.

Sarnoff spent a lot of money to find viable alternatives to defeat PF's patents....the best engineers couldn't solve this.....

So, in the time honored tradition of US monopolists, Sarnoff filed numerous patent violation lawsuits(sounds like today in order to bankrupt PF in addition to preventing him to further develop his TV invention....which threatened Sarnoff's business.

Have you heard of the Philco corporation? They were helping PF with the TV audio section....RCA Sarnoff threatened them to quit helping PF.

Dalek, in the US, patents are good for 17 years....then anyone can use them.

So, Sarnoff....using frivolous lawsuits AND using the US Congress.....prevented the introduction of TV...that is until PF's patents expired.

Only then was PF's remarkable invention released on the public.

PF got shafted.


Have you ever heard of that old B/W show on US TV called..."What's My Line"?

It was show that the "show panel" had to guess who the real person was that appeared nd were questioned by the "panel".

IMHO...this was PF's finest moment....

Dalek, the inventor of which this old show was broadcast to us way back then....had the inventor right smack dab before them....

And PF stumped the panel...and won!

I think it's on YouTube



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