Date: 04:28:29 on Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Subject: Nice.

Yes I'd heard of Philco. I knew ANALOGUE TV transmitted on VHF/FM signal propagation. We used to be able to pick up the audio to various free to air stations on FM radio!

As far as I knew re 'invention' of television Graeme Logie Baird from Scotland and Alexander Zworikin in Russia were the main developers of television in the 20's and 30's in Europe. Prob WHY the Poms had TV before your lot!

As to AM radio, RCA may have HAD the patent in the 20's but they would have got it from Marconi who originally got it from master inventor NIKOLA TESLA! It was TESLA That invented AM radio in the 1880's or 90's!
I know that he brought a case in 1930 US Supreme Court to GET his patent back as inventor of AM radio, and he won!

I think there was a LOT of parallel development of the same things going on.

As the saying goes:There is MORE than 1 way to skin a cat!

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