Date: 23:48:24 on Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Nice.

Yes, I just saw where Tesla won and he is officially the inventor of radio.


With regards to Farnsworth, I believe that after careful scrutiny, he was the official inventor of TV.

Have heard of Zworkin before...but as you said, they were in Europe...which reminds me that I have an old Sanyo B/W TV/radio with a 2" works.

Anyway, that little Sanyo had the capability to receive not only the US TV format....but also UK/European format.

The Farnsworth issue was that he got shafted in the US by the likes of David Sarnoff of RCA.

Dalek, if you're interested, watch the NatGeo documentary entitled "The Men Who Built America"...4 part series.

Tells the history of the 4 major US industrialists...Vanderbilt(rail), Carnegie(steel), Rockefeller(oil), and JP Morgan(investment banking)....

And other "players" like Edison vs. Tesla(AC vs. DC).....JP Morgan against Edison....Westinghouse/Tesla vs JP Morgan...etc.

And when Ford came around, Rockefeller switched from kerosene to gasoline.

Carnegie's steel used the Bessemer process to more rapidly make high quality steel in mass quantities.

It's fascinating...maybe boomer has that video in his vast archive.


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