Date: 15:48:34 on Thursday, March 09, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Lawyer's 'Pants On Fire' argument...

Similar thing happened to my brother. He had a bunch of AA batteries AND a key-ring full of keys in his pocket. The whole mess shorted out and he ended up with a pocket full of pain.
(I'm probably going somewhere not nice for this)He really was assaulted by batteries.
ok, no PSA can make up for that but, you know those little button batteries? Their anodes and cathodes are very close to each other and are easily shorted by things as small as coins, paper clips, and of course keys. They should NEVER be stored(either new, used or semi-used) by tossing into that junk bin full of screws and other metal shrapnel. I've see it happen with others and it's a potential recipe for a no-fun day. Even if spit doesn't fly, there's a good chance that the battery will get totally wasted.

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