Date: 17:15:03 on Saturday, March 11, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: How I learned to stop blindly trusting...

Nice. A very respectful rendition. I've no doubt Ella is smiling.
But those devices and apps- people are so often careless with what they say. One simply cannot know how many ways their queries are dissected and analyzed by who knows how many people, institutions and agencies.
All the ingredients for a George Orwell recipe are at hand. Not that it isn't happening already; google searches, texting, email, etc are already a bumper crop of spy fodder.
Nor do I have complete faith in their accuracy, either. At least with text(barring stupid auto-spell-correct) one has somewhat more control over the input. With speech input, one can not always simply claim that the machine misheard or "I mispronounced". Anyone who asks to see "a kitty born" may be taking a great risk.
Me, I rarely use it. Mostly as a novelty if at all. Stuff like "What's the weather going to be?" And also cuz I didn't feel like typing that in with a toothpick. Mostly, I just use the phone only as a phone.
Anyways, we're well into 2017, so Happy 1984!

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