Date: 15:53:12 on Monday, March 13, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Question...

I know you asked boomer, and I'm not claiming to speak or explain after him, but my guts tell me the ghost of McCarthyism is on the rise. This Nate Silver fellow(1st time I've heard of him) seems quite qualified in many areas. Which means he could be perceived as a threat to the perceived integrity of certain entities whose survival and modus operandi may rely heavily on public opinion. On the possibility that there may be a witch hunt targeted at non-aligned political and media/opinion organizations, it may simply be a courtesy to the forum to isolate, via a buffer link, the path to "500 and thurty ate daught calm" as there's a fair chance that the "witch hunters" may, in some cases, know which sites mention or link directly to said site.
Witch hunters are not to be trusted. Historically they've usually got it wrong and act out in excessive and incorrect ways to innocent parties.

disclaimer; this sorta spilled outa my mouf before even finishing my first coffee. Could be a plausible posit, or I could be full of ship. Just my gut take.

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