Date: 15:23:34 on Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: What I don't understand...

...boomer, is why you posted the top post. I'm not speaking about anything between you and Crow, because whatever understanding guides your relationship is unknown to me, and none of my business. I'm only talking about you and me.

You KNEW that I would challenge you on any part of this post which wasn't supportable because you know me after a, what, five year long, nearly always adversarial relationship? And I did challenge you. But then you simply ignored my response. Why? Why post it at all if you were just going to ignore me? It's like you picked a fight, and then sat down without throwing a punch.

All you really did was open the door to me being able to freely get up on my soapbox, while you paid the rent.

I don't mind, mind you; I'm comfortable up here on the box, and you can see a lot farther from up here. But I am trying to figure out how you saw this working to your advantage.

All this work, and all this grief simply to post a single example of someone who isn't a nutter using the phrase 'liberal media bubble'? In the effort to catch a butterfly, you let all the cows, sheep and horses out of the barn.

I could make political posts all day long, but I restrain myself, keeping most of my posts non-political. But if you're going to open the door for me...

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