Date: 18:37:21 on Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: There was a media bubble

[not a direct reply to the opening post. Just a place to drop these frags]

Correcting DT: "The press is the enemy of the people."
Maybe his English is just real bad. Anyways... The press IS the enemy- of people who lie or make overblown promises for political gain. In which case, the press is the FRIEND of the people. Not all the press, mind you; any debate of defining which news is fake or real is a whole 'nuther cesspool to wallow in.

Regarding "underestimating": I alluded to that before-
As in, tell the trash class(racists, xenophobes, isolationists) what they want to hear to harvest their votes.

Some difference in campaigning:
Clinton: Old school traditional business suit, inflexible, not resilient enough, some degree of pride and elitism would prevent here from stooping to the level of her opponent and exercising the same dirty tricks.
Trump: Old school bully- say and do whatever you want; maybe you'll get away with it, maybe not. If not, continue on in the same fashion; throw enough shit and some will stick. Whether in campaigning or presiding, one can get some appreciable mileage out of that before getting spike-stripped or detoured.

"Group-think": A polite euphemism for herd-mentality. "Herd" is most applicable because the people lost and the sheeple "won".

History just repeated itself. Not since pre WWII has a nation been so effectively flim-flammed.

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