Date: 16:29:52 on Thursday, March 16, 2017 [Post edited: 16:52:43 03/16/2017]
Name: cougar
Subject: From the "Wall" street journal...

Commencement of the construction of The Southern Border Security Wall is officially ratified. To expedite the process, tax-payer funds will be tapped to pay for construction costs, and compensation from Mexico will be seeked later.
Construction of the wall will create new jobs. For Mexicans.

Currently there is a shortage of construction workers in the U.S.
Some of the wall-building positions will be filled by workers currently building homes and commercial buildings. It is expected that some percentage of those vacated home and commercial building job positions will be filled by illegal, undocumented aliens.

The practical effectiveness of walls may be debatable, as has been experienced by China, Berlin, Britain(Hadrian), France(Maginot).

From an economic standpoint, it's gonna cost the country. No nation gets rich taking in it's own laundry or upgrading it's own infrastructure. That said, if a wall is inevitably in the works, it may be more viable to simply hire temporary workers(from some nearby country) and pay them the lower "training wage" to build it.
But, I'm betting dollars to donuts it ain't gonna happen.

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