Date: 01:06:33 on Sunday, March 19, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Best of Both Worlds

To be honest, the main difference in the two is the bit rate. Nothing compares to a Blu-ray. I just choose 1080 for my higher quality, higher bit rate rips, based on the quality of the source.

You would likely be unable to see any difference between a 720p/2500Kbps, action movie and a 1080p/2500Kbps action movie I provide. Using 1080p is, as much marketing as anything, lol
(and standard practice for online shares). Now when you get down to 480p, you might notice. Some of my DVDRip, which are native 480p, will show on my post at 720p, because its more convenient, at times to rip them to that, but it doesn't really help the video quality at all.

I don't often rip at two different sizes/resolutions, because of my own bandwidth and storage issues - this just seemed like a good one to do it on.

Thanks for the comment

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