Date: 04:14:14 on Friday, March 24, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Lost in jungle

A man found himself lost in the jungle and after several days, heard some drumming in the distance. He followed the sound and eventually arrived at a small village. Luckily the inhabitants were friendly. The village chief told the man, "Our guides are away on a hunting trip, but when they return in three days they will help guide you out to a main travel route.
During the wait for the hunting party the village fed and housed the man, during which time the drumming continued day and night, non-stop.
"Just curious...", the man asked the chief. "Do the drums ever stop?"
The chief replied, "No. Drums not stop. Bad when drums stop. Very bad."
"Why", asked the man.
"When drums stop, bass solo start."

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