Date: 00:59:17 on Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: I'm eager to read your response.

Here's my response, Boss, already ready to go - so might as well re-insert my 2 cents. Maybe moviefan has his own ideas.

Those sorts of life expectancy statistics are misleading, if not downright disingenuous. Mainly, because life expectancy relates to multiple factors, certainly not just health care. Cuban citizens are on the whole too poor to own cars on high speed freeways; they can't own guns, or any other of the dangerous items people in the US can - as one of the side effects of freedom. I don't know what the stats on alcoholism, or cigarette smoking are in Cuba, but likely much lower - US prosperity has its price.. We are talking about medical care, though, remember - which should be measured from the point at which medical intervention occurs.

Here is an interesting article from 2011, for folks to consider, which covers a lot of different aspects of what I'm saying

I only see one way you could pay for a government single payer plan, or anything close to it. I would, btw, favor a hybrid, like Medicate with its Medicare Advantage plans and other supplementary private options - at the individual's option and expense.To me, the only way you will ever get any support from the 50% who pay taxes and, like myself just making enough to have to pay, but not enough to be by any means well off. That is through a value added tax that EVERYONE has to pay. Probably, the poorest of the poor will have to be given some sort of credit/refund, and I wouldn't object, unless they keep raising the level of qualification for that credit til it reaches just below my paltry income, and we're back to where we started! The left won't like it, because value added taxes are somewhat regressive - but I could point to its use in other countries that liberals always like to use as examples for various things.. One problem is that a lot of states and municipalities use "sales" taxes and too high a federal VAT tax would put a lot of pressure on those entities revenue raising options.

I'd be interested to see if anyone has anything specific to say about my suggested, possible approach on how to pay for any expanded government healthcare system.

Just do not forget - social security and medicare were supposed to be well funded - look how that has worked out.

Ps: I deleted 3 whole paragraphs. I try to be brief, however unsuccessful those efforts might be..

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