Date: 19:23:33 on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 [Post edited: 19:31:36 03/29/2017]
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Pick another country then.

You got the response you did from me, because the life expectancy issue is a common argument that I've heard over and over and am already somewhat familiar with the response - just needed a quick review. Cuba was not the real target - it was just an example to point out the fallacies of the argument - for effect, I guess, as well. The Forbes article was added to give a bit more depth.

Healthcare is an evolving industry, as the articles in my first "essay" alluded to. The US has a long history of self reliance, which has come a bit in conflict with the desire to create some sort of order out the escalating costs and distribution issues of US healthcare.

Another question is how to rein in costs but not discourage innovation. I'm not an expert on healthcare, but I wonder how much of the gross expenditures on US healthcare is on new and VERY expensive new therapies - which contribute to the high standing of the US in outcomes - something I'm a beneficiary from, btw.

One aspect of the Forbes article I did not mention in my comments was <the comparison of outcomes between those in the two government programs and private insurance>**.

Finally, I';m not certain "values" can be applied in only one one way. Maybe one person's "values" will decry the exorbitant salaries some health care corporate executives receive out of the profits his company makes.. Another person might praise the new lifesaving therapies that his company has produced over time, using the profits the company made, and capital infusion it received as result.

Costs in the US may be much higher because they can be - costs have to be recouped somewhere, and many countries won't allow them to be used in their healthcare systems, leaving the US as the place to do so. I've never thought that fair. Just a thought.

You no doubt like and are familiar with your system, Midnite. My family and I have done quite well under ours, though changing times and the effect it has had on some in my family, has caused me to re-evaluate some things. I've come a long way from my previous much harder line in favor of the healthcare system I grew up with. Times have changed from the days where hospitals were able to compensate for "charity" case costs by receiving tax benefits that required them to accept those cases.

Expensive new treatment technologies have really changed the landscape. I owe CAT scans my life, however, and any solutions we finally arrive at in our healthcare system must recognize the accomplishments we have already achieved in our past and how they were developed.

How many of those accomplishments are shared around the world? Not that all have come from the US, mind you.

Thank you for the opportunity, on occasion, to share my ideas on your forum - as we all do.

** <Edited> in to previously truncated sentence

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