Date: 07:50:21 on Friday, March 31, 2017
Name: Vic
Subject: The big difference is....

With Google, Gmail or most any other application there is no expectation of privacy as it is in the TOS that nobody reads, and there are ways to avoid if one wants to make an effort, TOR, VPN, DDG etc.

But with your ISP that is something else, for one you pay for the service and being the first point of entry onto the network you will now need to use a VPN to avoid data collection. So now on top of paying the ISP you need to purchase a VPN contract to keep your privacy (read your TOS to make sure your VPN doesn't collect data also because if they do, well you know). So if Comcast as an example wants to make profit on my data well they should either give me a kickback or offer the service for free, very doubtful that neither of which will happen.

Also on the cookie front, it is always best to delete them regularly to avoid targeted ads, even more so when looking for deals when purchasing trips or making hotel reservations through travel sites. Many of those sites use your cookies to jack up the price, they know you are shopping around so if you leave their site after getting a price and come back later they will assume you checked elsewhere and increase the price of the item in order to make you believe that if you don't act quickly the price is going to go up again. Devious isn't it, just delete your cookies and go back to the site, you will find the price has magically returned to the original offering.

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