Date: 15:01:22 on Friday, March 31, 2017
Name: Drangd (
Subject: Re: The big difference is....

Well said.

I marvel at the concept anyone thinks that the internet is a safe place. Over 10 years ago I went to a sales presentation for Fluke they were pushing their new portable network sniffer. Only a few showed up so we got done early. One screen shot had 50% of the network being taken by DOOM. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. The instructor told me to tell the class what DOOM was. Most did not know of it. We got the instructor to show the capabilities of the machine for over the air networks. The first network it found was the hotel we were in and it showed the bookings in clear text. Names, address, credit card numbers and days of the stay. I went and got the manger of the hotel and brought him back to the room and he walked in and about crapped. Room was free for Fluke including the two lunches they had served. The network that I had problems with was Home Depot over 1/2 mile a way. I never thought that enet would go that far in just air, pretty powerful radio on that one. This was more than 10 years ago. I am sure the capabilities are better now.
Needless to say I assume everything over the air is out there for everyone and anyone to see.

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