Date: 10:36:22 on Monday, April 03, 2017
Name: Lurking One
Subject: Re: The End of Internet Privacy for Americans...

re: "These asshats don't even bother to try to make sense anymore. But, then, they have learned that they don't need to."

I was listening to a CD I picked up from the library recently. I think it is aimed at marketing, but I was interested in the brain research it discussed. I believe the CD set is called the "7 Secrets of Persuasion" or some such.

Anyway, the interesting thing they discuss in this CD set is about how our subconscious brain dominates, and in fact in most cases we will make decisions based on emotion and it can totally overrule any rational, fact-based analysis. And... the emotional part will give favour to things that have been repeated over and over again; familiarity makes things attractive to our subconscious emotional mind. Therefore a Trump can get a massive amount of support regardless of how loony and obviously false the messages are. It truly is scary.

Thanks for the discussion. I worry about the direction we are being moved towards when it comes to free speech, and its protection through privacy.

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