Date: 13:05:37 on Wednesday, April 05, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Too many movies, I fear...

I think you're missing the point (but, the smart folks could already guess that as soon as they saw your name on the post).

It fogs your personal search and page visit history by burying them in a cloud of unrelated searches and page loads. An analogy would be if you were trying to prevent the cops from discovering that you were at a crime scene, you would try to make sure to not leave any of your own hairs behind. A more effective strategy of accomplishing the same thing might be to dump a bucket of random hair at the crime scene to bury them in so much data that there was no practical way of sorting out which was the relevant and meaningful stuff.

If you can't understand how this works, or why it might be of value, then I can't help you. The concept is self explanatory.

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