Date: 11:50:53 on Monday, April 10, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Here's some irony...

The only site where I have noticed anything different after activating the VPN is "Land Of Odd". I can't post here unless I disable the VPN first. I have tried to make several posts over the last couple of days, but I keep ending up at a different forum (Admin?), which I suppose is 'Poster's Siberia'. At first I thought the content of the posts was what was causing me to be denied, but I eventually tracked it back to the VPN.

When I had the "output point" of the VNP set to Canada, I was able to post here with the VPN enabled, but as soon as I changed it back to the US, I was no longer able to post here. I switched back to the US because showing Canada as an exit caused my news stories to change on Google news, and all measurement were in metric (weather, for example), requiring me to do some form of conversion.

This is not a significant problem. For now, I am simply turning off the VPN when I'm at "Odd" and want to make a post. Then I turn it back on again when I'm finished. It's just one click each way (and the toggle switch is right on the address bar and easy to find).

I thought you (Mr. Crowe) would find this amusing, as well as possibly useful information to have as you explore Opera, and the VPN which comes bundled with it. If you run into trouble at a site, try turning off the VPN and see if that helps.

Other than this issue, switching to Opera has been an easy adaption, and with out problems.

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