Date: 20:11:11 on Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Great list, Cougar

I have used all of these in the past (except Disconnect), and use variants of Ublock Origins and No Script with Opera.

I wish "Free Download Helper" made an extension for Opera. I have installed two different clip downloading programs in an attempt to give me the same capabilities which I from FDH. The more people who come over to Opera, however, the more development that will be done.

I checked out Disconnect, and have installed the add on for Opera too. At some point several of these programs will overlap with each other (Ublock does many of the same things as Disconnect, for example). So I play with them, toggle them on and off, try to find a sweet spot of simplicity, and security and fast loads.

Thanks for the list. People who have done nothing to secure their Internet browsing from prying eyes, and from the oppression of aggressive advertisers could simply take Cougar's list as their own. It's very similar to the same group I developed after years of experimenting.

My choices are a bit different now since I've switched to Opera (which doesn't have the same range of extensions available that Firefox, for example, does).

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