Date: 10:02:27 on Sunday, April 16, 2017
Name: midnitecrowe
Subject: Caught in the spam trapper.

Odd is networked with other forums to log and prevent spamming. What we see here is a small fraction of what is sent our way, the bulk of it being shut down by local (my work) and networked blocks (the secret network). When you switch to your American vpn you're triggering our central spam blocker. Someone has been a naughty boy on that shared vpn.

The error log shows you flipping through what looks to be three or four different vpn settings.

Not sure why you're being punted over to the admin forum though, as the local setting should just send you back to the Odd main forum page. Could be that it's a result of it being a network trip you're hitting. Neat!

There are several unexplored toys here that have been added as upgrades over the years. Nice to poke around in the toolkit on a sunday morning.

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