Date: 18:16:00 on Sunday, April 16, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Re: Caught in the spam trapper.

Very interesting.

Firstly, I'm not experiencing any further problems. When I go to post, I ALWAYS forget, and just hit send. Then I get bounded to...let's call it Siberia (see PS below)...and then I disable the VPN (which takes all of two or three seconds) and then the I hit send again and it posts.

So, as hassles's pretty minor.

I have no idea why I show as cycling between nodes of Opera's output ports. I've only set two myself, Canada initially, and the US thereafter. There's a setting in the list which says "Optimal Location" which I originally thought was a heading, but I realized later was an option. I think when you click that choice, you are letting Opera pick the outbound port, probably based on traffic volume. It's possible I had clicked that choice without realizing it.

I'm sticking to the US as my outbound port, however, so if you see me continue to show up all over the place please mention it. I'm still learning how this thing works, and you are providing me a view that I don't have of myself.

Are you using Opera, or did you download it with the best of intentions and simply leave it there on your desktop like I have with a lot of programs)? If you are using it, are you using it exclusively, or just part of the time?

I still have Firefox to fall back on, and I've used it a couple of times. Firefox is a nice browser, and all else being equal I prefer it, but the VPN option makes Opera a compelling choice. I'm going to continue to use it for most of my web activities for now.

Thanks for the updates.

PS - The forum I get sent to when I forget to turn off the VPN shows the following URL, and first post:

1. guidence - Gman 00:49:43 02/11/2017 (0)

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