Date: 23:22:41 on Monday, April 10, 2017 [Post edited: 23:29:17 04/10/2017]
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Westbrook sets a record, aith exclamation!

Basketball is an international sport, especially the NBA. A triple double(double figure points, rebounds, assists) is basketball's equivalent to a "hat trick" Imagine a hockey or soccer player setting an all time record for hat tricks in a season in a game and topping it off later by scoring the winning goal with seconds left - from almost mid ice or mid field. That's what Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder did in equivalence last night as he broke the NBA record for triple doubles in a season, held by Oscar Robertson for 55 years, in a game against the Denver Nuggets at mile high Denver last night. He then rudely knocked Denver out of the playoffs, in one of his almost single handed comeback efforts..

Check it out:

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