Date: 14:13:23 on Sunday, May 14, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Nice roof...

Electric roof? What's that? Go back to Goddamned steam!
oops(ha); got sidetracked by other articles, down the same page, following the solar shingle stuff.
Nice setup LT, on finding a page that'll segue into other topics. Coincidence, I'm sure but I'll run with that ball just cause it's there. But first the roof stuff.

Tesla's not the first to enter this market, but they do got bucks for R&D and promotion. They may have a larger part in swinging the market to make solar more palatable, while addressing some(of many) main consumer requirements: Does it work? Does it look good? Is it economically feasible?
Solar(roofs), compared to other energy sources and products is still somewhat in it's infancy, and still needs to advance in cost efficiency(both initial outlay and long term payback) to gain more market ground.
It IS still a niche market product. Like any other product, increased consumer acceptance will make it more cost competitive and economically viable. Buying such a product is a long term commitment that requires careful cost/benefit analysis. It's not like replacing a computer every 5 to 10 years.
Related articles from other sites:

So, since they happen to be on the same page, further down, I did find some other articles and references interesting too.
(don't know if that's gonna show up properly cuz when I pasted the link in, it show some code'ish type characters instead of a hyphen, so I manually retyped it in).
The symptoms and effects are not limited to the afflicted individual; a lot of collateral damage can and does occur when the afflicted one has the power and means to affect others' lives.
Perhaps related(or not) to Walter Mitty and/or blissful ignorance, the end product is familiar, and it can be similarly summed as such:
Being stupid is like being dead. A person may not know they are, but it still affects others.
err granted, "stupid" IS a rather coarse term, but ego, pride, and self-aggrandizement are rarely a benefit to people outside of one's self.

Everything I've read about the new apprentice's(who actually didn't apprentice in this field) reflection on his new job suggests to me that this is a person who is saying to himself "Holy shit. I didn't know the job would be like this. I want my old job/life back, instead."
A lot of us predicted he would find this out, last year.

"FBI Chief, You're fired!"
Heard the terms, "constitutional crisis" and "obstruction of justice" bandied about. Media buzzwords, at this point; it'll remain to be seen if there's any actual legal/technical basis to qualify these terms. But this particular chapter in this ongoing saga seems eerily Nixonian.

The ancient Chinese curse is indeed upon us. We ARE living in interesting times.
Against world history, this holds a special place as one of the more glaring WTF moments in time.

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