Date: 15:58:38 on Thursday, May 18, 2017
Name: drangd (
Subject: Re: Nice roof...

Here in Tucson lots of places are putting up parking lot covers that generate power. Walmart, a lot of the schools both private and public, and several office buildings in the area. Nice shade too.

A couple of points, Tesla's calculator includes his $7k power wall inverter battery gizmo, which currently does not work to spec. I ran the calculations for my home when the power wall came out and I need 2 or 3 to be safe to run my 1300 sqft home. Motors draw ~6 times running current to start. Something solar has a problem with, with out batteries.
Batteries hate Arizona's summers.
Solar cells do not like hot weather, TEP's largest solar plant 4.6 meg is in Springerville AZ where the 3 summer months are like 85F.
Where the sun shines the best is not the best place for PV a more temperate climate is needed for the current tech.
I admire Tesla and his attempts on developing energy from the sun. His roof is going to be for a niche market for a long time. Not the first time I have heard of using a roof for a PV system. I would not spend that kind of money and not have the cells pointed at the best angle for production. Of course that would destroy the lines on the house.

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