Date: 12:21:50 on Saturday, May 20, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: You think that was rude..?

Two more additions to your list of 'vaguely rude' places; Crack, Oregon and Hole, Oregon (as you would expect, they are adjacent to each other).

(Before you even ask, yes, I have traversed the crack and entered the hole.)

In all seriousness, Crack In The Ground is one of the strangest geologic features I have ever visited (and I've been all over the US). It's in the middle of absolutely no where, or more people would go to it. It's in the desert, and there's nothing else close by. The day I visited, it was a hundred degrees in the desert, by in the crack it was a comfortable (if chilly) 50 degrees. The environment in the crack was moist, full of ferns and mosses, and I suspect many creatures that have adapted to living their entire lives in this strange geologic anomaly. It's like a little Eden that exists entirely in a two mile long split in the rock that's no more than ten feet wide on average.

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