Date: 23:02:22 on Friday, May 19, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Live weather drama

Yes, we got a little wind, but any damage was quite sporadic and we didn't lose power - best news. I've seen MUCH worse. The only reason I posted about it was to let people see an example of the kind of somewhat enthralling( to me)live TV coverage is like. The worst weather was to our west and northwest. In that rather bad period from 2010-2015, the dryline set up routinely about 30-50 miles west of here and thus the worst tornadoes came with it at the storms' peak. Actually, the set up this year has been more typical of what I remember the majority of the time. I hope it continues - there's much less to hit out west!

In that 2010 - 2015 time period, I counted 6 EF4-EF5 tornadoes that occurred within 10 miles
of my location - one headed right at me before it died about 3 miles south - the thunderstorm which had spawned it dropped grass, scoured from the ground along it's 30 mile path, on my car.

An Ef1 tornado missed me by about 100 yards, during that period, though I didn't see it - would have be great video!

All that is unusual, however, as I don't remember anything like it to such an extent, over several years, before. And hopefully not again, though some will be inevitable.

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