Date: 05:52:10 on Monday, May 29, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Re: A BLACK Bond?

Yes, he is quite good. And I think he's extremely popular with the ladies (a definite necessity for whomever plays the role).

Elba was also in Luther (very popular and well regarded Brit cop show) and as Stringer in 'The Wire' (very popular and well regarded American cop show).

The Bond franchise has ALWAYS straddled the conflicting values of never changing (Bond is Bond) while at the same time radically evolving with each new iteration, so as to keep up to date and fresh. I think the choice of Elba would connect him directly to Connery and Craig, because of the charisma which each possessed.

The key isn't that Elba would be a black Bond, but that Elba would be an Elba Bond!

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