Date: 01:13:08 on Sunday, May 28, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Classics for Memorial Day and June

With regards to the movie "The War Lover"...

If you want to see 'em "hotdog" a B-17, there's a great scene showing that...

The scene where Captain Rickson "buzzes" the tower is a recreation of a similar event that actually occurred at Bassingbourn, an actual U.S.A.A.F. base near London where the movie was filmed. The 323rd Squad commander Major John Bishop's crew completed their 25th combat mission on January 21, 1944. Returning to base, Major Bishop decided to tip his cap and buzz the tower. The group commander met him on the field as he disembarked his plane where the two drove away in his vehicle. They car stopped at the maintenance hangar, where in keeping with tradition, the ground crew "dunked" the pilot in a tub of water to celebrate his accomplishment.

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