Date: 00:50:03 on Friday, June 02, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Last Man Club

Dad was in the 15th AF, 455th BG

I need to send them some pics I have - especially the one of his crew. I wish I had known about that site sooner and thought of it while Dad was alive.
I have a video interview he did for the Eisenhower Library. They realized they were about to lose a lot of history when the WW2 vets began to die, and did as many of these interviews as they could. I like to watch it now and then.

Dad built model planes for me- the old wire controlled type. He made some non flying ones, also, all the way back to his childhood.

Although, obviously, not having any injuries or deaths involved considerable luck, his crew gave him a lot of credit He once reassured a very nervous crew member(the fellow much later wrote my mother with the story) that his goal was to do their job, take no unnecessary risks and get everyone home safe, including himself, so he could marry my mom.

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