Date: 12:35:50 on Friday, June 02, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: Last Man Club

"Dad built model planes for me- the old wire controlled type."

Control-line is the

Remember the Cox Baby Bees?

Unfortunately, many take their tales of such heroism to their graves...lost for eternity...:(

Another man in our flying club, Lt. Col. Swaim, flew with Tex Hill in he like to discuss his combat experiences.

In his first combat sortie against the Japs, he was so nervous that he forgot to switch from his external "drop tank" to his internal tank in his P-40.....

His engine sputtered and quit before he realized what he did....he had to drop out of formation and return to his base in Kunming.

When he was debriefed by Tex Hill, he admitted his error and was forgiven....:)

When strafing Jap infantry, he was shot down....he made it back to base after a month of trekking on foot....and when he got back, they had moved the base on

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