Date: 18:57:54 on Thursday, June 08, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: I don't think...

...anybody expected Comey to deliver a death blow or anything. But I do think Comey severely wounded Trump today.

In the battle of credibility, Comey came off as totally believable, and you could not help but empathize with him for the ridiculous positions which Trump put him in. And when Comey described Trump's words and actions, they all rang true. The Trump who Comey described is the same one we've been watching and reading about.

None of the hatchet-men whose jobs is was to take Comey down a notch was able to land any significant blow.

Comey has framed the issue, and Trump is going to have to live with that framing. Because if it comes down to a 'who are you going to believe' between Trump and Comey, it's already clear who wins that contest.

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