Date: 23:24:31 on Thursday, June 08, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Comey

Someone who was a bit more of a Trump supporter from the get go than I was, made a very good point. Trump needs to recognize that he is not running his own business. I knew that the minute he ran for office he became a politician, by definition. You can say you are an outsider and the anti-politician, but those are just words and political speech, ironically, at that. If he continues to be bull headed and unnecessarily combative, he will indeed fail. Trump finally listened to advice toward the end of the presidential campaign and managed to pull off the upset - also due to another incredibly incompetent campaign by Hillary Clinton, a professional politician, whose ego may be almost as self destructive as Trumps, but with more experience and less legitimate excuses for her incompetence.If he doesn't do the same as President, his failure will be on him. And Democrats may cheer, but the country will be worse off.

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