Date: 03:22:36 on Monday, June 12, 2017
Subject: Star Trek Continues:BETTER Than ST: DISCOVERY!!!

Been a follower of Vic for the past few years!
Does a GREAT job!
Jim Cawley did a worthy effort as well, but went with HD visuals that were spectacular!

The ep you posted is the most recent!
Check thru all prev eps!

There are a lot of 'Fan Treks' out there, until Paramount stomped on them, due to the actions of 1 over ambitious Fan Trek actor/producer names Alec Peters, who tried to make a ST Block buster, and raised $3M+ using the name Star Trek to not just fund a film, but also build a full time production studio! Paramount went after him with all guns blazing (Can't say I blame them for that) however they then came up with a blanket ban on fan series, saying you can't do this and can't do that, can't be over 10 mins, no continuing series', no profit (there never was)no bringing back ST actors to play old roles OR new 1s, (this is not really enforceable as the actors themselves do NOT have a contract with the studios etc)if they WANT to DONATE their time for free, for artistic stakes, they can't really be prevented from doing so!

It's all a big mess. I think too it was fear and rivalry that fans were making BETTER shows than they were!

As to ST:Discovery, eewww NO!

Set in Gene time line, but LOOKS like JJ time line!
Uniforms wrong, ship mission insignias, wrong, (uses ENTERPRISE arrow head logo when this was peculiar only to the Enterprise at that time)

Visuals looked good however, but those KLINGONS!!!

OMG no! The looked WORSE than JJ's Klingons!
These look like brown insects! They screech like them too!

I hope the focus groups they show this to say NOOOOOOoo! (Just like the computer!)

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