Date: 12:32:58 on Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Name: halftrack
Subject: Re: Star Trek Continues:BETTER Than ST: DISCOVERY!!!

Thanks for filtering the crap out and listing the GOOD fan-based ST shows. After you get over the jolt of NOT seeing the original actors and accept other actors playing the roles, itís all good. Not great, but pretty darn good.

Wasnít Capt. Garth a nut confined to a rehabilitation planet? It figures it would be him who ruined the party. Whata bounder.

Iíve been glancing at news relating to the new CBS ST set to launch this fall, and with all the firing and hiring of key creative personnel, and the twice-pushed back launch date, a lot of reviewers fear the show will suck.

I guess weíll find out. Eventually.

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