Date: 05:01:12 on Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Subject: MAYBE

ALL the bad press about it has forced personnel changes in production/writing etc to make it MORE like a TRADITIONAL Trek, that people are expecting!

It's HARD to fuck with such an cultural icon! It has a VERY consistent canon and continuity (which has contributed to its longevity) just like in the updated Dr. Who series, most of the continuity is still there! Lots of heart warming moments of nostalgia, with hark back to Doctors previous, and recollections of historical episodes etc.

THAT is what long term viewers of cult TV shows like that look forward to. Not lots, just nice little touches and homage's like that!

Sure, they all need a bit of a reboot here and there. ST TNG/DS9/Voyager were reboots as well, but kept the feel of the original!

JJ went down another path, and while GOOD action/scifi films, they would have been GREAT as NON Star Trek movies. (Beyond being the exception)

Even ST:Enterprise had to try to look retro-modern! 110 years closer to our own era and the UESPA Enterprise looked more advanced than Kirk's Enterprise! But much more spartan of course.

I mean I COULD go on with a 10 page treatise but I won't!

Hopefully, all these changes @ CBS Re ST:Disc will lead to maybe a HYBRID series, still more modern looking, but also paying proper homage/respect to Gene Roddenberry's legacy!

We can only hope!

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