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Subject: Some documentaries

History Channel

"Few American presidents have engendered the degree of controversy associated with the 40th, Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004), who held office from 1981-89. Many Americans, especially those on the right, still lionize Reagan as a modern hero, while others passionately argue that the man was merely a figurehead, an "empty suit" surrounded by a vast, whirling Republican political machine. But where does the truth lie' The documentary REAGAN enlists such elements as interviews with historians and seldom-seen archival footage to investigate the various element that shaped this undeniably complex and fascinating political icon."

DVDRip, 718MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:27:41

Fascinating documentary. No one does them better than Ken Burns


Episode 1(HEVC)
HDRip, 790MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:34:02

Episode 2(HEVC)
HDRip, 925MB, AAC swterteop@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:50:02

Episode 3(HEVC)
HDRip, 875MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:43:59

The President's Book of Secrets(2010)

DVDRip, AAC stereo@94Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps730MB, 1:29:06

"The 24 Hour War"(2016)

WebRip, 786MB, AAC stereo@94Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:39:57

"Becoming Human"(2011)

Part 1: First Steps(HEVC)
HDRip, 822MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@2000Kbps, 0:53:09

Part 2: Birth of Humanity(HEVC)
HDRip, 822MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@2000Kbps, 00:53:00

Part 3: Last Human Standing(HEVC)
HDRip, 821MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@2000Kbps, 00:53:00

"Oklahoma City"(2017)

HDRip, 1.29GB, AAC sterewo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1500Kbps, 1:53:24

Academy Award winner - best documentary short. Some chilling scenes that make you wonder how people live like that .

"The White Helmets"(2016)

HDRip, 479MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1500Kbps, 00:39:54


WebRip, 618MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@900Kbps, 1:22:06

"Planet Earth II"

Disc one(HEVC)
BRRip, 2.69GB, AAC swtereo@192Kbps, Mp4(h265), 1080p@2000Kbps


Disc two(HEVC)
BRRip, 2.69GB, AAC stereo@192Kbps, Mp4(h265), 1080p@2000Kbps

6. Cities!UJhTESgJ!fl6y_vDv31lQsgALK3g5its1Yhc3taVnflq5vEFgJOE!UIwnFChb!TaTf6xlTBRY3mZEJape1MboyE2ge4cfMIDtby51syks!ZFwEwayQ!LtaIMqn2hsLZc0toJbbWqWURTQMYWGHoqDZPs781Wsk

"When the World Breaks"(2010)

HDRip, 706MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:23:57

The impression most people have is that the "Dust Bowl" and Oklahoma were synonymous. Actually only a small part of the state in the panhandle, along with parts of the Texas panhandle, western Kansas, and eastern Colorado, suffered the most severe effects of the extended drought and heat. It is often believed, also erroneously,, that the migration from Oklahoma to California was mainly caused by the Dust Bowl, when, in fact, most of the migrants came from other areas of the state, in reaction to the Great Depression and the lack of jobs. The drought of the early 1950s, which I remember from the total coverage of the sky by clouds of dust in August, 1954, and the extreme heat, was statistically worse than the 1930s, but better soil conservation practices ameliorated the effects somewhat.

Another Ken Burns film - I remember his advertisements in Oklahoma media for people who lived through this, who had stories to tell, to contact him.

The Dust Bowl(2012)

Documentary, full, Episodes 1-3(HEVC)
Note that Episode 1 is really just a brief intro, of only a few minutes length.

HD Rip, 1.88GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 3:49:33

"Arthur - King of the Britons"(2002)

DVDRip, 482MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mkv(h265), 00:59:17

Highwaymen and Rogues: Britain's Antiheroes

"America has its gangsters and gunslingers, and Britain has rogues, highwaymen and pirates - anti-hero desperadoes living outside the law and making their living with ruthless charm. This two-part series from BBC chronicles the derring-do of the real Robin Hoods that still capture the imagination."

DVDRip, 998MB, stereo@128Kbps, Mkv(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:58:00

Part 1 is a historical dramatization, part 2 a documentary. Actually was originally part of the same series as "Outlaws" posted above.


Part and rt 2(HEVC)
DVDRip, 1.28GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mkv(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, a little over 2 hours total,2.15_bs_BF_lodd.rar

"Liberty: Heroes of the American Revolution"(2015)
History Channel

Seven documentaries that Chronicle the birth of American Liberty

Disc 1(HEVC)

1. Founding Fathers: Rebels With A cause
2. Founding Fathers: Taking Liberties
3. Founding Fathers: You Say You Want a Revolution?
4. Founding Fathers: A Healthy Consitution

DVDRip, 1.42GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mkv(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, A little over 2h50min

Disc 2(HEVC)

1. Ten Things You Don't Know About the Founding Fathers
2. Ten Things You Don't Know About Benjamin Franklin
3. Paul Revbere: The Midnight Rider

DVDRip, 912MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mkv(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:07:53

A group of tough and very determined young women take on an extreme challenge.

"Losing Sight of Shore"(2017)

HDRip, 772MB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mkv(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:31:45

Where barren = awesome scenery

Death Valley National Park(2017)

Movie(HEVC) - ripped from a 4K, dl copy
WebRip, 1.04GB, AAC stero@160Kbps, Mp4@2500Kbps, 1080p@2500Kbps, 00:55:11

"Wild Africa - Tiny Giants"(2016)

"Tiny Giants" (HEVC)

You'll be rooting for the little guys :) in their quest to escape attacks by all manner of hideous predators.

"The producers of Life and Planet Earth share this spectacular ground-level view of the world’s smallest heroes. Special cameras transport viewers in a very intimate way into another world to experience the titanic battles these creatures face to survive. Narrated by Golden Globe®-nominated Stephen Fry (The Hobbit films, 24: Live Another Day), Tiny Giants reveals the astonishing lives of tiny animals in an adventure of giant proportions"

BRRip, 840MB, AAC stereo@160Kbps, Mkv(h265), 1080p@2500Kbps, 00:43:16

Spectacular, beautiful, and sometimes gripping video

"Wild Africa"(HEVC)

"Take a spectacular ride across, over, and through the most dramatic continent on earth: Africa. Narrated by Academy Award®-nominated Helena Bonham Carter (the Harry Potter films), Wild Africa follows the powerful, life-giving element, water, on a journey through Africa on an adventure that proves nature can be more fantastic than any fiction."

BRRip, 809MB, AAC sterteo@160Kbps, Mkv(h265), 1080p@1000Kbps, 00:42:07


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