Date: 07:09:53 on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Name: calfee20
Subject: Re: "So much energy, they won't bother to meter it..."

Fair enough I didn't realize moviefan was doing that. I have a tendency to cherry pick the comments that I read.

Let me try to explain myself a little. My whole family have been Democrats and my sister a real foam at the mouth liberal. We had lively discussions.

I have been waffling around somewhere in the middle because of the gun issue. No one has ever been able to tell me why you can't be a pro-gun Democrat.

I think my parents would have been horrified by what has become of their political party. Bernie's socialist agenda would have sounded like Communism to them.

This was the first election that I actually voted Republican instead of throwing away my vote on some independent. I really detest Trump to but Hillary.....I won't go there. Anyway all of my votes are wasted here in liberal land Massachusetts.

Well this is way off topic. I believe in Climate change and I am often at odds with my gun club friends. I feel we should throw our money into science and technology and look for a solution that way.

I will leave a link that may give a different slant on the Paris Climate agreement.


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