Date: 08:58:46 on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Blind links are a serious security hazard

Boomer, you posts are so dense packed full of overlapping and compounded errors, stupidities, false assumptions and distortions that the problem comes down to "where to start". It's like standing at a smörgåsbord, and me with a whole stack of clean plates.

Okay; let's start at the beginning:


In a world where you can infect your computer with malware simply by making a single visit to a dangerous site, a person would be foolish to click any link where the destination is intentionally masked --especially when there in no legitimate reason for the masking. Blind links are inherently dangerous, and should be avoided.

1. Please provide links which allow people to see the destination they would be visiting BEFORE they go.

2. Please explain why you hide the destination of a link when there in no apparent legitimate reason for doing so.

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