Date: 12:42:08 on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Now you listen to me Sun...


Still trying to find negative things about solar energy (and still using ancient articles to make your points)?

I have to empathize. Since almost everything about solar energy keeps advancing faster, and more cheaply than people predicted, you have to really scramble to find negative things to say about it.

But that doesn't prevent you from trying.

Yes, energy does get used in the manufacturing process, and yes, pollution does get generated in manufacturing too. Do these things occur with other forms of energy production too? Of course--but who's counting.

What you really show us with the articles you post, drangd, is that you have a bias against solar (why, I don't know) and that it causes you to cherry pick the data you consider and present. And you ignore the elephant in the room, which is that we can't continue to spew carbon into the atmosphere with risking the health of the ecosystem.

So you hate on solar, but offer no realistic alternative to the problem of carbon buildup.

You remind me of a guy who can't stop grumbling about those new fangled horseless carriages, constantly pointing out the flaws and inconvenience, and pointing out that horses were good enough for you and your daddy, while you ignore that obvious signs that there's a revolution going on all around you. And that your grumbling isn't going to have an impact one way or another.

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