Date: 13:02:45 on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: "We'll always have Paris..."

The essence of his message is that the Paris Agreement will not go far enough to make much of a difference in the carbon build up (and that it costs too much for the gains achieved).

I agree -- we should go much farther, and get there much faster. And if there are ways to do it more cheaply, I can't see that anyone would oppose that.

But the Paris Agreement is a major political step in getting virtually all of the world's governments to work together to achieve a planetary goal. It's a first step. And it's huge.

Obviously, what Trump is doing by getting the US out of the Paris Agreement, cutting funding for alternative research, denying the basic problems of carbon buildup and its impact of global temperature, and encouraging the return to coal fired power are all going to move us SUBSTANTIALLY in the opposite direction, making all of the problems worse. So I doubt the author would agree that this made any sense either.

Climate change is a phenomenally complex topic, and its not going to be possible to do anything more than scratch the surface on an informal forum. Your clip was not absurd in any way that I can see, but it simply explores one tiny aspect of a huge and complicated issue. And I'm not sure I understand what your point is, or where you want to go with this.

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