Date: 14:26:32 on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Name: Drangd (
Subject: Your absolutely WRONG, again

I do not hate solar. My experience is from 45 years in the electrical industry both generation and use.
I have installed and maintained lots of different equipment over these decades. I have seen changes for the better in solar. But these changes are incremental. Solar will NEVER provide the power that is needed for a given region let alone the country until there is a way of storage. Solar is a piece of the puzzle. It is not preforming as well as some want to believe. When the sun goes down, do you stop using electricity? I got up at 3 to visit the facilities and it was 94 degrees in my back yard. Sure glad I am grid tied. Batteries for storage are NOT a good idea when starting any motor over 1 hp. Then there is the cost of the equipment to make that work.

quoted from Boston Solar
Solar systems generally have a 1-2% degrading factor per year depending on climatic conditions and can suffer up to a 8% production discount from soiling effects. Therefore it is important to clean your panels once a year and have your inverter and system in general tuned up. The Boston Solar Company offers yearly maintenance plans to its customers that can also be packaged with a system purchase. end quote

These guys want you to think that you can tune your system after installation. A marketing ploy and cash for the utility. Ya think that the Utility is going to allow equipment that needs to be adjusted potentially causing them problems, I think NOT.
Solar has its place in the pie. What happens to the waste in 20 years? Most homeowners can not handle reprogramming their garage door opener. Cleaning and maintaining a PV system? Forget about it. I had solar hot water on one of my homes. I would do that again if I had the money to spend. I got all of my hot water 8 months a year from it. Right up to the time when the controls failed and it froze busting the tubes. Did not have $3k to get a new one. Did not know that thermal couples went bad at the time.

As long as you think that solar is the answer. I will provide an alternative view of the subject.
With out attacking you personally.

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