Date: 23:20:14 on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Your absolutely WRONG, again

I agree that solar may have a place in certain geographical and functional niches. That said, if there are are problems in your neck of the woods, as you described, I can't imagine it being a very hopeful prognosis for elsewhere.

I put wind and solar right behind hydro-elecric power, as being suitable for certain locations, but less reliable - perhaps.

Maybe far into the future, if it can compete favorably with nuclear or that sought after magic bullet, fusion, I can see solar power redirected from a series of mirrors in space maybe being an energy solution - like I said, far into the future and a bit sci-fi,perhaps.

As far, as those worried about CO2, when people like James Hansen and the Google engineering brain trust, dismiss renewables as a practical mitigation and look to nuclear as a more feasible energy alternative, that says something.

There are a number of technologically literate, open minded, folks here who, I'm certain, appreciate your comments as much as I do.

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