Date: 00:55:48 on Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Boy...what's up with that..?

Placing the response to my query ON TOP OF THE QUERY IN THE STACK so that it's near impossible to follow the conversation in order?

I think that's silly, but if you insist on doing so, I'll simply do the same thing and take away any advantage you think you gain by doing it. But recognize that I do so under protest; I would rather the thread were easily readable, and believe that responses show FOLLOW the comments which preceded them -- not be intentionally placed to break up the actual sequence in which they occurred. But that's me.

Here's a thought. Use words and ideas to make your points rather than silly tactics. They won't accomplish anything anyway, and they degrade the environment (sort of like posting in all caps).


I presume, given your lack of response to my very specific comments, that the statement below is now retracted:

Boomer: "...that gained perpetual power by importing and then subsidizing voters from another country."


Thanks for posting the link to the article with the URL visible. Since I know wattsupwiththat from my prior dealings with you, I know the quality of their work and the value of their "research", and I won't be reading the article. But I do appreciate you posting it with the address exposed so that it's possible to know the destination prior to clicking.

Others may feel differently, but I will not click on blind links as a matter of principal.

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