Date: 14:31:45 on Friday, June 23, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Re: Anguish

Why would you want to?

English's strength is that it's the ultimate slut language; it's slept with everyone in the neighborhood, and it's kept souvenirs too. That's what makes it so rich. English is the greatest language on the planet specifically because it has been influenced by, and incorporated parts of so many other tongues.

English has become the international language (mostly do to the combined influence of both Britain and the United States during the formative and critical 20th Century), so it's likely to pick up even more influences as its usage expands into every corner of the globe. Rather than fear or attempt to repress this, we should welcome it.

Idealists and academics have many times tried to reformat, restructure or simplify the language, but they have always failed because they ignore one simple fact. They don't own the language; we do. We speaks like we wants, and culture -- the collective expression of who we are -- dictates where the language goes.

So...the clip was interesting, but mostly because it leaves me very sure of my conclusion. What he offers, I wouldn't want even if I could have it for no effort at all.

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