Date: 01:49:45 on Sunday, June 25, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Re: Meanwhile back on the coast

Cool, thanks. Ferron sounds nice, but I just gave a quick, cursory listen. I'll have to wait till I'm in the right frame of mind to really focus and pay attention. She's unknown to me prior to this.

I guess I assumed that I was the last to hear about The Be Good Tanyas, because I don't follow music trends closely. But the introduction has been made now, and you'll explore them, or not, as suits you.

Thanks for the links.

We're in a damn heatwave. It was 34.4 degrees today, and predicted to be 37 tomorrow. I've been hiding under a toadstool, and will stay there until the heat breaks early in the week.

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