Date: 01:16:14 on Tuesday, July 04, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Ok, Midnite, here goes..

I would HIGHLY recommend that any new software include bbCode. A lot of forums use it. It would be much better for posting content like movies, and using different fonts etc., images as you wished them to be placed

Also I recommend that registered Oddites(only) be able to edit their posts, which would very much facilitate fixing mistakes, updating links. And it would be nice if people who wished could delete their posts( with no responses below). If permissions are misused, they could be removed at your discretion.

One could start a thread and keep it going as long as you wish, or until you locked it.In order to view a thread you would need to open it.So it would not eat up a whole page.

Perhaps a separate thread for new media content?

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