Date: 07:12:54 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: Vic
Subject: Re: Nice people.

The age of social media has changed the game drastically, used to be if things really went south for your kid you could change schools or even move if things truly got out of hand. But nowadays you can't run, social media follows you everywhere and should you want to fight back with the time it takes in our court system, well the damage is done.
One can say don't go on social media, easier said than done for a kid nowadays, remember when we were told "smoking is bad for you" did that work? Even if they could stay away their peers would tell them what is being written about them.
Today bullying has reached a new level when you are dealing with several, even thousands doing it to you at the same time. Navigating through the social intricacies of youth is much different than in my youth when there was one bully and a knuckle sandwich would solve many a conflict.

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