Date: 07:15:15 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Subject: Dude

DO you take EVERYTHING literally?

Mark HAD a point, back in the day, as some things that were trivial, and a part of LIFE in general, and we have to learn to COPE with things.

However, I fully support anti-bullying campaigns, is so much as it relates to real bullying!

Sadly, the generations younger than US, have been raised to be in the 'snowflake' class.
No competitive sports, or no scores taken, no1 wins, no1 loses.

HOW does this type of social engineering build character and resilience? It doesn't!

However, legitimate bullying should always dealt with harshly and quickly.

I know, I've been there, bulled by peer and officialdom!

BUT we also have to take responsibility for our selves as well. Report wherever possible. Workplace bullying is a crime here now along with being a sackable offence. And rightly so!
I have had to deal with work place bullies my self inc supervisors! I soon sorted THEM out!

(They thought they could do it in their old country so could do it HERE! No1 bothered to educate them! I did however! LOL!)

No, you are right, re anti-bullying programs.
Sadly we still need them, as many work places and schools etc still can't or won't do anything, so as a last resort the police have to be involved!

So, in future, just think a second before you reply to something I have said that seems out of place, as it is often sarcasm or rhetorical.

So, how's the new forum software shaping up? Which 1 are you thinking of using? BBScript or maybe YAF?

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