Date: 07:25:51 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Subject: Yeah

sadly FACEBOOK et al, has a LOT to answer for.
Yeah it's a great way to keep in touch with family and friends etc, or to promote your product/service.
However it too gives any potential bully an entry to your home as well! It's pathetic!

However the internet has given rise to a new type of bully, the 'keyboard warrior'!

Cowardly people who would normally NEVER bully, abuse or troll people to their face, can find an outlet to be a cunt!

Confront them face to face and their pants would be filled in a second.

At least the old fashioned bully HAD the balls to do it to your face! (Which is still far more honourable as in you knew WHO your enemy was!)

Now it's all just defective little 12 t/o trolls with daddy issues and passive aggressive that would have never said BOO to any1 in the real world has outlet to let rip!

What was once a fun, anarchistic medium 20 odd years ago is now a playground for the mentally ill! (Who sadly spread their disease to innocent people! Some sadly who end up killing them selves over it!)

I use none of these platforms. They don't interest me, cos everyone 1 ELSE uses it! Hell I don't even own a smart phone!

Can't afford it, not in self business, so do NOT need 1.

Also, NO pensioner needs a smart phone! I see heaps here with the latest Samsungs or Apples! WHY?

Fucking narcissists, that's why!

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