Date: 07:35:56 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Subject: You read me right!

Why couldn't Bossman? :o( He should know me better by now!

(Or maybe HE was taking the piss out of me!) :o)

I agree with you, it's all relative. People say stupid shit all the time. Even I dwell a bit sometimes still, cos I think, 'fuck that cunt, I was still right etc etc', but hey, wtf, THEY want to be the idiot, not MY problem. You CAN'T force facts into people like you can a computer, (once!) LOL!

It's the more insidious, relentless type of bullying/trolling that does the damage, and with the internet, it makes it very HARD to stop or escape!

I think eventually it will get to the stage that IF you want an internet connection, you have to pass a TEST of how to behave and your legal responsibilities to others before you are let loose in cyberspace!

I mean you CAN'T just drive a CAR can you? You have to PROVE you can drive a vehicle in the correct manner, safely and know the road rules & laws etc!

Parenting license is next!

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